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4 Man Flag Football Plays

Finding 4 man flag football plays for your defense can be a challenge.  Unlike tackle football you can’t rely on brute force to shut down the opposition.  Flag football, especially 4 man, is a fast paced and fluid game.  With only 4 men on the field your defense has to be ready to defend against every possible scenario while covering a huge area.  Speed, skill and finesse are the benchmarks of flag football, and Dr. G’s 4 on 4 flag football playbook can help take your defense to the next level.

We’ve created and compiled 174 of the most effective 4 man flag football plays to give your team an incredible advantage.  This includes an entire section of defensive plays run from multiple formations.  Dr. G’s revolutionary playbook gives your team the blueprint to victory with defensive schemes to defend every offensive possibility.  We’ll show you the most effective way to defend against basic run and pass plays, play action, the option and even trick plays.  These plays are game tested and proven to help leverage every player you have on the field.

Dr. G’s playbook is setup in an easy to follow diagram that significantly cuts down on both huddle time and miscommunication.  Players are all represented by colored dots; before each play everyone simply looks at their color on the diagram and they’ll instantly know their responsibilities and areas of coverage.  Not only is this incredibly efficient, but it also allows for on field improvisation and adjustment without confusing everyone.

If you’d rather make your own 4 man flag football plays check out our revolutionary football play designer.  Using drag and drop technology you can create an entire book of custom plays designed around your team’s strengths and key players.  You’ll use the same color coordination found in Dr. G’s football playbooks to make plays easy to understand and execute.

If you’re ready for total on field domination, Dr. G’s playbook is a can’t miss opportunity!

4 Man Flag Football

Offensive strategy for 4 man flag football requires a completely novel approach to moving the ball.  With only four men on the field, brute force and generic football skills aren’t enough.  Rather, teams have to rely on skill, finesse and speed to make it to the end zone.  Having an effective and easy to follow playbook is absolutely essential to making sure your team can move the ball.

To help teams reach their maximum potential we’ve assembled the ultimate set of plays for the gridiron.  We’ve poured over thousands of 4 man flag football plays to find the formations and plays that are time tested and proven to put points on the board.  Our 4 man flag football playbook is based on an easy to follow color coding system.  Each player has a corresponding colored dot on the page that clearly lays out their routes and responsibilities.  At a quick glance everyone in the huddle can see their part in the coming play.

Our 4 man playbook provides your team with the ultimate offensive arsenal.  Plays are laid out in a variety of formations to accommodate any on field situation.  Our playbook provides a the perfect balance of run, pass and even trick 4 on 4 flag football plays.  There’s even a section on tips and drills to help your team master offensive tactics and dominate the field.

Every last one of these plays is designed specifically for the 4 man flag football arena, and are proven to move the ball.  Whether you need a short yardage package, a clock killer or a hail mary you’ll find it all in easy to follow diagrams.

If your team is prepared to take things to the next level, invest in a winning strategy from flag football strategies, the leader in flag football plays.

4 on 4 Flag Football Plays

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